Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Parker's Shoes

"You'd better get a picture of that", I said as we walked out John and Ash's front door tonight. Next to the door mat, splashed with dried mud and sandbox sand, one of them laying in it's side, were two little size 5 Van tenny runners. They are almost too small for him now. "Better grab that before it's gone", I thought, because tomorrow morning those will be size 9 baseball cleats with red dirt stuck between the spikes and your boy will be somewhere else more than he is home. Then tomorrow afternoon the shoes will be gone for good and you'll have to drive down the road, maybe even a far away drive down the road, just to get to a place where his shoes might have been. Not that this is bad. It's sweet in the end, to have the circle grow thicker around you, though the process can be painful. Big shoes lead to little shoes, which lead to bigger shoes, which lead to the heartbreak which lead to the heart swells. Like the merry go round ride on the playground. It's fun as long as it doesn't go too fast.


  1. love the post. i could be partial though. i kinda like that kid. he is funny. :) thanks for keeping that moment for me. i love you.

  2. what a boy! and besides, how come we are so lucky as to have you as our family poet laureate. i know the job can be a burden at times, but oh your good!