Monday, August 4, 2008


Last night my friends and I played the Layton Amphitheatre, this week's installment of the Davis Arts Council Sunday Summer Concert Series. Mark Robinette and Dave and Carla Eskelsen and I. We sang old tunes we haven't done for a while, like Get Back on That Pony and The Builder, along with current faves like Idaho Wind and Memoria and Pontiac Rocket. It was the perfect thing to do on a Sunday evening for me. I love making music! LOVE making it with my friends! And how lucky can a person be to have anyone want to listen? It was a good crowd. Heather Cragun came up to me, before we started, to tell me she told her kids they were going to see the live person singing the songs they danced to in their kitchen. So when we ended the show with Pontiac Rocket I looked over at the grassy knoll to the side of the stage and there was this darling little family with three little kids all dancing in and out of each other. I just can't believe I am so lucky! Sheesh! And then when we were done and went backstage one of my little Primary friends, Isabella came running back. "Izzy! " I said, "What are you doing here?!" She sort of tucked her chin into her chest and curled her fingers together. "Um, Cori Connors, ummm, could you start the concert over again now?" Gotta love it!
So the floor of my kitchen looks like the hull of a ship at the moment, all the trailings of a three night run of Saints on the Seas. Whew, that was another fabulous musical journey with the same friends, only even better because we had Johnny of my flesh and blood, and the Shults' and Dave and Katie and Elliott and Libby and Eric Robinette running the sound. All my favorite peoples in one show! OK, so some other favorites were missing, but it was a blast. We're working on mixing the album from that show in the next few months.
In less than two days we head out to Houston to take Kate's stuff to her. I am looking forward to not only seeing Kate, and if time permits a side jaunt to KC to see our little ones there, but I am very happy to think of having Dave all to myself...alone! Ooooh!


  1. Dear Cori,

    Playing music is already a big rush for me too, but playing music with FRIENDS is something that most of your non-musician readers may not totally understand. When you get going and the chords are right and the tunes are right and you know that you're in that special part of the song that you know you can finish without making a mistake is just HEAVEN. I too get to experience that this Saturday with Mike Gallagher, the one REAL Irish singer here in Pittsburgh. But man, look at all those props and that stage and those costumes and, and, and, and,....agggghhhhhhhhh.

    Love ya,

    Bobby Joe

  2. ive lost count on how many people have asked...."when is the next concert!" thanks for the music guys. you are the best!