Thursday, February 19, 2009


I have nothing profound to post today. Just thinking I should write prove I am still functioning. So in three minutes I will publish this post. Here goes, timer's set:

I'm loving these things lately:

Rides with my mom and sisters

Sleep overs with Sophie

Driving past the same house every other day with Annie

Valentines Day dinners with Dave

Being with the girls we call Young Women who will soon enough drop the Young from their titles

Talking to my kids who live far away, realizing I can talk with them

Teaching guitar with John

Spending full days in the recording studio with Michael Dowdle and Mark Stephenson, figuring out life between the chord progressions

Rediscovering how good my old Martin guitar feels in my arms

Snow melting on the driveway

Snow falling on the evergreens

Finally getting one line of a song just right

The way Carol King's Tapestry album can still get me semi-enthused about cleaning my house

The fact that I only occasionally listen to Carol King's Tapestry album anymore

This is by no means a full representation of what fills my days nor my heart. It is a ....

Oops...time's up.


  1. Oh how Sophie loved her sleepover too. Thanks for having her and on such short notice. She sure loves her gummy.
    I do too.

  2. So glad to see you posting again. Makes me count my blessings today, too. I heard a new album is on the way... I'm so waiting for that!

  3. I was hoping to read something about a recording studio in there. Give the fans what they want! Crank out that new album!

  4. That was a unique and fun post. :) You must tell us more next time, when you have the time.

  5. Okay. You win the cheer-me-up prize. I'm shamed, only seeing slush and chilling in the coolth. That was good. Really, really good. And if you do, as Tyler suggests, mention a studio - I hope its OURS!! Then you could reduce G to tears real time.

  6. dang those timers! next time give us 10 minutes. please.

  7. Here here 10 minutes please! I think its a great idea to set a timer. I sometimes don't post because I dont have time to think of something worthy of posting.

  8. Phew, now I'm wondering what I could write in 3 minutes. Naw, I think I'll just spend 3 minutes reading what YOU wrote ... ha!

  9. CORI!

    At least you take the time to write for 3 minutes! Was wondering how you were doing & decided to google you. Say hi to Ann Marie, Libby & Mum for me.

    Sounds like your doing great, and I'm so glad. I must admit, I'm jealous you're a grandma! I'm still waiting.... drop me a line sometime if you get a chance.

    Julie (Mo) Ruckert

  10. Is it true . . . is there a new album in the works? Happy to know you have a blog and to hear of new songs coming. You are so talented! Now John needs to get his album going. I'm a fan. His car song is a favorite of mine. Makes me laugh every time I hear it.