Monday, March 23, 2009


March 23, 2009 Spoonerism

It is hairy vard to ite route ooner-spisms. It is uch measier soo tay them. Hi av ad ha fing thor ooner-spisms more fenny years. Thunny fings tome-simes um cout en why thoo dem. (Moo yust theak spese ords lout woud goo tet ut why sam aying.) Met lee owe niff coo yan stunder-and stiss thuff!)
And...kee bareful choo toose spore yoonerisms CAREFULLY... or finstance, noo DOT ooze yit on ruh thesteraunt FUDRUCKERS!
Bood Guy.

(spoonerism--google it)


  1. that was pretty awesome.
    I remember when you and dad came to get me from england, I had never heard a spoonism used. You used one in passing, and I quietly asked dad what you just said, and he said, "your mom has starting talking like that alot." and I didn't think it was that weird, which looking back, is the funniest part of the story to me.

  2. that brought me great pleasure. I just laughed hysterically in the university clinic. You're funny mom!

  3. Once pawn term dar wurst un ladle gull who lift widder fadder honor itch offer lodge dock florist...oh the memories. Love you