Wednesday, April 1, 2009


April 1, 2009 pocket
I wonder how many people have pondered the eternal nature of a pocket? Think about it, nothing lies as close to our skin as our clothing, and no place is as intimate and secret as a pocket. The other day Parker was trying to talk to Gumpa while they were working in the driveway, but his Binky interfered with their communication. His words were garbled as he tried to talk around the rubber bulb in his mouth and he got a little frustrated. So I suggested maybe he could take his Binky out of his mouth so Gumpa could understand him. Park is pleasantness personified, and he immediately took it out and asked Gump for a hammer. So here's this painfully handsome two year old builder boy pounding away with his little hand trying to hold a piece of wood and a binky at the same time, the other hand swinging away with his grandpa's hammer. In anyone else's garage he would probably just lay the pacifier down and pick it up later, but in our garage it would be a little worrisome to think you would be able to find anything you laid down. Sad, but true. Seeing this, I told Park to stand up and put his Binky in his pocket. He looked at me like I'd just told him to write a check or start the car, and I realized he had not yet discovered the magic in his little blue jeans. A pocket! Seriously, I would pay good money to preserve his expression when I showed him the secret place that moved with him wherever he went. Pockets in little kids' jeans...I have visited many of them. Checked them for decades on laundry day; coming up with rocks and pinecones, screws and acorns. Matchbox cars and marbles and Barbie doll heads. Now days I check Dave's jeans and only come up with Kleenex tissues. I am always so happy I checked before the wash cycle when I find those! But it kind of makes me yearn for the objects of discovery in the pockets of a pair of size 2 jeans.
I have a song called Pontiac Rocket, which is reminiscent of our travels in our blue Pontiac station wagon between Pittsburgh PA and Blackfoot ID. My friend El McMeen sent a note when he first heard it, saying this was a fine study in words that rhyme with "rocket". Think about it, (like you have nothing better to think about) how many words do you know in every day conversation that rhyme with rocket? I mean, who set up THAT pattern? Yeah...I did use the word pocket. Even moms in crisis find their pockets useful.


  1. i like it when i find a $20 in my pocket. i'm always pleasantly surprised for myself. unfortunatley lately it's been $5's. but i'll take them as well.

  2. Cori

    I love your description

    "the secret place that moves with him wherever he goes"