Monday, August 17, 2009


Saturday night I sang at a fabulous party in the fabulous yard of a very hip young couple with a fabulously gorgeous house with a minimalist flair. Amazing catered meal and lovely large white lanai and white linens on the tables. I would have felt out of place except they understood and liked my music.
So then we drove home and picked up John and Ash's kids because J&A were singing at a very hip and cool wedding reception. Libby had been watching the kiddos and they were happy and bathed and tired. We drove them to their house to settle them into their own beds. So, aside from the little glitch in the story where we had to put Sophie through the kitchen window to get into their house, we laid the kids down in their own beautiful and hip and tidy home and waited for John and Ash to come home.
So then we drove home and I walked into my house, which I love and cherish and know has great potential. I have been prone to tears for the 30 hours since. I am faced with the reality of my situation...of the condition of my surroundings. the surroundings of my soul and of my body and I have been a little sad. Everywhere I look is a mess. Soph didn't even want to pick up the thumbtacks she spilled Saturday because she was afraid of the "spider webs" on the floor.

"Those aren't spider webs, Love. They're dust bunnies."

"Oh." She said, and she used the very tips of her fingers to gather the rest.

It's a little overwhelming to think of tackling what I have dug myself into. So I woke up early this morning and made this list and gave myself the possibility of earning points for doing these tasks this week. Seriously, what am I...6 years old or something????

□ Nightstand – 50
□ Trip luggage etc – 50
□ Bathroom counter – 50
□ Kitchen counters – 150
□ Locker room floor – 100
□ Locker room chairs – 50
□ Study desktop RT – 50
□ Vacuum wood floors – 50
□ Mop wood floors – 50
□ Kitchen table – 50
□ Vacuum bedroom – 50
□ Clean off stairs – 50
□ One bag DI stuff – 50
□ Pantry – 150
□ Study chairs and floor – 50
□ Dust furniture – 50
□ Clean bathrooms – 50
□ Pick paint for bathroom – 50
□ Paint bathroom – 150

You might think that cleaning off the kitchen counter should not get so many points. Alas...COME ON OVER! And I don't know what I was thinking giving clean bathrooms only 50 points...this house has 7 bathrooms! But they are so much more do-able because I know what to do with the stuff there. Ah, me.
So I am supposed to be chipping away at the chores and what am I doing instead?
You got it.


  1. for me... i'm glad your posting to your hip and tidy blog...

    I am avoiding my "no points awarded" chores - to read your blog... anything wrong with that?

  2. Oh, baby - do I not live in the same universe you do? Add to that the incursion of fire-bugs we've been hit with this last month. 500 dead in the front hall, and I vacuumed two days ago!!! I do fine in my lovely, humble, creatively-chaotic house until I go somewhere else - somewhere hip and cool (I don't, however, love minimalist) or until I know somebody hip and cool is coming to my place. Then I start seeing, and when I start seeing, I get really, really sad.

    But you know what's worse? Actually starting to house clean. Then you REALLY see how deep it goes, and by the time I've done an hour of it, I'm in tears and bitter and angry and feeling trapped and resentful and really made about entropy (because that's where all the dust comes from), and nobody in my family likes me anymore because I start throwing things. Not just fits, either.

    So my advice is, go write a song. The song will last longer than the clean countertops will.

  3. Cleaning and scrubbing can wait til tomorrow...go to bed cobwebs...dust go to sleep...

    Sue and I will be right on sorry if we put you in that mode with all those phone calls last week...we really didn't mean to...but I am telling you, in the eternities, dust will not matter, junk will not matter, but the memories you have preserved in your writing will in fact bring all of us eternal joy. Life is too short...I love you!!

    Love, Your seestor

  4. If I were less than 1000 miles away, I'd come clean your countertops and give you a hug. And Timo is definitely used to a messy house. Looking back at my childhood, I'm glad I had an incredibly creative mom who gave me all sorts of creative opportunities like craft kits and art lessons and the sound of the guitar as I'm going to sleep and visits with her mom's songwriter friends. I'd take that any day over a spotless home...

  5. This points system is a fine idea, indeed! But Cori, only 150 points for painting the bathroom? Seriously!

  6. Tatiana-
    Have you seen my kitchen?
    Enough said.

  7. Who said "a mess" was a bad thing. Look at all the fun things you find tucked away. Maybe Annie thought I had a "clean" house but she didn't look in my drawers. Each time you walk into a room just remember the words you wrote long ago "Walk into a Wonderland... that makes it possible for you and me to dream."

  8. Cor-

    i will come over and we will clean. Hey, especially when the kiddies go to school. And we will sip diet drinks and talk. And it will be fun. Cleaning is always more fun with someone else. I love you tons. And for what it is worth, I love you just the way you and your house are!

    love you! Ash

    ps- i hope you add up all your points and reward yourself with something good at the end....

  9. that di run today was at least 200 points and cleaning out some of the garage ... 500 big ones!

  10. I've said it before, I will say it again:
    I find comfort in your chaos.

    I am sending you love and calming thoughts from my kitchen with a muddy floor, a front yard covered in packing peanuts and an attic "master suite" with nothing sweet about it.
    See, all those things to take care of and all I want to do is come to your house.

  11. You get 50 point PER bathroom. And you have an army of fans that could care less if your house is clean. But what is important is if YOU care. And if in fact you DO care, then all of us that can clean should come help you. You write songs and comfort our souls and we will clean your counters. Next time I'm there, leave a room or two for me. :)

  12. Having read your comments, I have to say that you, in all your tawdry, chaotic glory, attract some fine and wonderful friends. I don't suppose you realize that these woman seem to love you BECAUSE of who you are and how you live? But who does every realize that? You are blessed.

  13. I use a sticker chart to get all of my chores done. If I earn enough stickers by the end of the week, I surprise myself with something exciting. But my sticker chart doesn't prevent me from becoming very distracted by reading your amazing blog posts.

  14. Cori, this is a fun blog and I've enjoyed reading the clever comments. I think I have a unique solution. Come to England, live in a tiny flat with very few things to gather dust bunnies. Jim and I can clean our entire place in about an hour. Oh, may I add that I miss my home - my at times dusty, messy home.
    Love you lots!

  15. Ive been feeling similarly about my house and Ive decided that I need to simplify. If I dont have as many things, they wont make as big a mess. I'm with the comment that you should go write a song instead. I measure my friendships by how willing friends are to invite you in when you drop by, especially if their house is messy, and you ALWAYS invite us in so you passed! I am excited for your concert this sat!

  16. Cori, I cleaned my little apartment last week, and got rid of all the stuff. Afterwards it felt empty and a little desolate. So don't worry too much about getting rid of that "stuff". But, I also understand needing a clean home and the focus it can bring (for a few hours while it stays clean). If your time was spent cleaning your home, you couldn't spend that time doing everything you do for other people.

    I say you should invite everyone over and we will clean it for you, while you play guitar. And we can finish with a big pot of your Chicken Noodle soup.

  17. What you need is perspective. Come on over and see what a couple of hundred clocks, the remains of an antique business, the makin's for a hair salon, a clock repair shop and enough cardboard boxes and packing materials to ship it all out in packages, once I get it listed and sold on EBay, looks like. Not to mention 30 years worth of accumulated yard sale buys that I am going to figure out what to do with someday. Your place is fabulous by comparison.
    It's the curse of Uncle Parks. Wanna buy a shovel?

    Yer Brother,