Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Well, since this is a rarely updated blog and very few people read it anyway, I feel like I am not risking a lot by throwing a question out to people I know.
I am putting the finishing touches on my new Holiday Album, called ONE SMALL BOY. It's been a labor of love and I have really enjoyed writing, playing, singing and recording with my friends, especially my engineer Mark Stephenson. We have two more full days in the studio, then we go to mix down next week, which is another intense week or two. Then to replication.
Not that you wanted to know all that.
Anyway, I am scheduled to give an ALBUM RELEASE CONCERT on Sat Nov 28th at the First Presbyterian Church in Salt Lake City. It's a wonderful old church full of charm and spirit.
So here's my dilemma:
Libby called yesterday to tell me that BYU is playing the U of U that very day, in Provo, at 3:00. I am wondering if that conflict is enough to change the concert to Friday instead of Sat? If you wanted to do both you might be very tired.
Let your voice be heard, if you don't mind. I need to make the change if possible ASAP.


  1. That's a toughy! If it were just me I'd say you wouldn't have to change anything but I say ask around and let the public (who actually watch football) speak. I'm excited for your new album!

  2. As much as I would love to magically beam out to your concert, I shall miss it and miss you doing it. But one must remember one's heritage, dear. You are not just FROM Pittsburgh, but in a very real way, you ARE Pittsburgh, and we would not want to offend any of the football gods, right???

  3. Name the date and time and I will be there!

  4. Most will watch it on TV and that is not particularly tiring. The game should be over by then. I don't think it would make any difference with someone who wanted and planned to go to your concert. It sounds like an awesome holiday mood setter.

  5. I agree, I think most people will watch in on TV and deem your concert more worthwhile than a football game anyway. Here's a thought, maybe you should record your concert like they record the game and those of us out of state could watch you too. Maybe you could release a dvd :)

  6. I consider myself a fan of you and your music before I consider myself a fan of either of those football teams. I will be at the concert whenever it is. Still, if changing it to friday is possible I would do it.
    1- That game is a big deal to alot of people. It's nice avoid making people choose one thing they like over another thing they like when you can.
    2- Anyone who goes to the game will miss the concert (game in provo). Change it for Reed's sake if no one else.
    3- half your crowd will be in a bad mood because their team lost.
    4- I'm with Bob. the football gods are fickle. Do not anger them. They may take it out of the steelers.

    hope this doesn't make it seem like I'm not excited for the concert. I just want to remove any obstacle to attendance.

  7. Question- is that church available on the evening before, or would you have to completely change venues?

    I'm looking forward to the album!

    By the way... Maddie pointed you out in the choir on Saturday. It was fun to see you. The choir did a beautiful job. Thank you!

  8. football schmootball....

    most of us will hear the score in church on sunday anyway... sigh.

    Your concert will be top priority for me and my house....

    just sayin.

  9. As a TV fan of both teams I agree with those who say "let them watch it on TV!" Me and mine will be at the concert either way. Ain't nuttin gonna trump that!

  10. leave it as is. and by the way, i think more people read your blog than you realize. more updates would be nice. we love your musings!

  11. HI Cori, I am a fan of this rivalry and the tradition that surrounds the game. Never once in all the years I have watched this game in person or on tv, have I been moved the way that your music moves me. If I had a choice, I would choose a Cori Connors Concert evey time. Even "Football Gods" appreciate talent. See you at the concert, Bill Payne

  12. Well the church is not available to us on Friday, so Saturday it is, sans football fans if they are too tired or too bummed that their team lost. We'll start at 8:00 pm, so with a 3 pm game it is possible to come, if not too convenient.
    Thanks for the advice. And thanks for the support. Really. You have no idea what sweet words do to me.
    (Hope this doesn't jinx the Steelers!)

  13. Your concert in 2006 was on the same day as the BYU Utah game, and I managed to go to both. Where there's a will, there's a way.

  14. i am conflicted, not by the date, but the salt lake location. oh, how i wish we could change the venue...you know where, you know why. still holding on to hope for at least another christmas eve lullaby.

  15. I'd change it. I really would. This is too hard a thing to ask of an audience. And I have this to say, also: I am so sad we are not your studio.

  16. Kristen-
    Khanks for the advice. Friday is out with half the band, so it will haved to be Saturday, though we will make it an 8 pm start time. We are also concertizing Monday night at the Farmington Arts Center for those who do not want to do football and music in the same day.
    Secondly, I also adore my engineer, Guy Randle and his beautiful Rosewood Studios. That studio and that engineer also have credits on this album, by the way.So you ARE my studio as well.
    Missed you last weekend. Got bit by the SWINE!

  17. We will actually be in Ogden Utah for Thanksgiving.through mid day Saturday. So, I would pick Friday night. We experienced your music at a concert in Roseville, CA some years ago. Wonderful! But, since I just discovered your blog-I may to late to "vote". I look forward to your next CD. A Roseville fan..
    Judy P.

  18. Hi Judy P from Roseville CA. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I really should update it, shouldn't I? We will be doing the concert in SLC on SAT Nov 28th if you are still in town. Will also do one on Monday Nov 30th in Farmington. Info will soon be on my website, www.coriconnors.com.
    Thanks for the note,

  19. Cori,
    Did your new CD entitled "One Small Boy" get published?
    I can't find it anywhere, and I want it!

  20. Hi Anne-
    First of all...since I can't access your blog I don't know which "Anne" this is. Second, yes, ONE SMALL BOY is done and they are flying off the shelves. OK, so they are moving off nicely. Anyway, you can order them from my website; www.coriconnors.com or pick them up from the milkbox on my front porch.
    Email and tell me who you are!
    Happy Holidays,

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  22. Thanks, Cori! You reply quickly!
    It is ordered! I can't wait....I totally love your music!
    Anne Arnold