Sunday, February 21, 2010


He stood in the doorway, leaning his head against the door jamb. I watched him in the reflection of the mirror as I swept mascara over my eyelashes. He stood there silent, for just a minute, then whispered,
"You are so beautiful."
I stopped stroking my eyelashes, turned to him and shook my head,
"And you are so blind!"
I joke about it, thinking it pretty funny, and it seems obvious to me that it should be funny to everyone else as well. I think its extra humorous that David is a judge who "lacks vision."
But the truth is, David sees more clearly than any other man I know. Not that he is living in denial or anything. He just seems to really believe some things matter more than others, and those things have less to do with outward appearance. Am I not lucky to have this kind of creature in my life?
I am lucky to have lived this long, for many reasons. It is so interesting to be able to look back and see a long line of memory. And I am have spent more than three decades of that life with those beautiful brown eyes looking squarely into mine.


David's eyes are root beer brown
And if you look at them you'll see
They're just a mirror of all the things he loves
And every time they turn to me
I can only see my reflection
And I wonder to myself
Why he'd give me all his affection
When he could have anyone else

They say love is blind, well that may be
'Cause he sees in me something I can't see
You know a heart will embrace what the world denies
If it sees through David's eyes

So when I'm tired, or when I'm sad
And a shadow hides the day
His eyes will sparkle bright, catch the dimmest light
And send it splashing back my way
Like a crystal cut in a prizm
Like the diamond on my hand
It multiplies somewhere within him
And comes back in a rainbow again

Every woman wants to be seen through those kind of eyes. The true happiness lies, however, in being able to see through those kind of eyes. I think its what makes him have that peaceful confidence. He has taught me much, without words.

I love that I can stand before the man I love, face to face, and look deep enough into his light brown eyes to see the reflection. How incredibly dear,... that the reflection is my own.

If you'd like to hear a recording of this song scroll down to the Music Player under the BUILDER entry. Click on "DANIEL'S EYES". The CD replicator entered the wrong song title when they encrypted song info in the CD, so that's what it's called in iTunes. They must have loved someone named Daniel I guess ;).


  1. everyone needs a "david". i am so glad you have him and he has you! we are all the luckier because you feel in love. thanks!

  2. I just love learning the histories to these songs! Beautiful lyrics.

  3. I wish every married couple could see in each other what you and Dave see in one another. Truly an inspiration to behold. You are indeed blessed. And -- P.S. -- I love the song! Happy anniversary!

  4. Lovely. I love seeing him through YOUR eyes. I don't think I see myself reflected anywhere. I'm wondering how that feels.