Friday, March 12, 2010


I do like ice cream. Mmmmm. I went through a Blue Bunny Chocolate Roasted Almond phase. It reminded us of the old Isaly’s ice cream from Pittsburgh, and we couldn’t get enough. (Ah, you may be thinking…but you did get enough!) We had such a passion for the Isaly’s Toasted Almond Fudge we gave it a nick-name. We’d call Gram late at night, if our freezer was empty and ask “Got any T.A.F.?” She usually had some. All yummy chocolate almond ice cream was known as T.A.F., regardless of the brand.

This song, however, is not really and truly about “ice cream” and “baseball”. I call it my song of personal liberation.

I’ve fought the weight-monster all my life. Wicked wrestling, where I rarely win but always come away exhausted. I really don’t like myself on a diet. I don’t like other people either. And they tend to not like me (it often goes that way…people won’t like you if you don’t like them.) Therefore, I swore off diets. Combine swearing off diets with the little girl who came from a family situation where we needed to ask before we got a glass of milk; the family where we hovered around the wax paper on the countertop that had just been loaded with little globs of no-bake cookies. We poked our little fingers between the cookies and devoured every little stray piece of oatmeal and chocolate. We certainly did not starve, but when I finally got married, which is about he same time as I grew into an adult, I got all giddy when I thought about the freedom I had to just go on over there to that refrigerator and open it up. Sadly, I still get that little thrill, like it still shocks me that I can go ahead and have what I want when I want it.

We were talking about this last month when we went to the movies with the Eskelsens. We had a gig in St George and had stayed over at Brent and Dixie Hills fabulous house there. Had sort of a retreat the day after our gig. Since it was cold and raining we decided to go to a movie. I told Carla I still get such pleasure out of realizing that I can get popcorn if I want. When we were kids we were lucky to get to see a movie now and then. Popcorn was out of the question. I feel like I married some sort of king (actually, I did!) because we can afford to get popcorn at the movies…AND a drink…and I can fill my fridge with ice cream and eat it at 2 am if I want.

So thinking about all this freedom also made me realize that Dave did not get the better end of this deal, marrying me. Poor Dave. He did not marry a princess. But we have had a grand old time sitting on the bleachers at the ballgames of all four of our children, spitting sunflower seeds and yelling encouragement to the boys and girls and, occasionally, a suggestion to the umpire. And Dave does not mind when he occasionally comes home from work and I am still in my pj’s on the couch with my guitar. The gift he gives me is that I do not mind that he comes home and sees me still in my pj’s. How many wives can say that? Really, now!

Dave could have married someone with a little more…oh, what’s the word…hmmm…discipline/foresight/social awareness. He could have. But he didn’t. And, strange as it sounds, he likes me. AND…he’s taken a liking to ice cream.

A couplet in this song could be my mantra for life:

Tomorrow today is going to be yesterday
And I’d like to like where I’ve been

(I felt pretty groovy putting tomorrow, today and yesterday in the same line and having it make sense)

A delightful comment was posted on this blog a few days ago. It came from our dear friend Becky Bradbury Evans, who lives in Virginia with her good husband and charming little boys. Here’s what Becky said:
FYI- We were listening to your CD in the car on the way to church today and Jack never usually listens to my music, usually just zones or talks to himself and asks if he can watch movies. He piped up from the back seat, "Mommers, why do the people not let her have ice cream for dinner?" I didn't quite know what to say ;)

Gotta love it!

Here’s a recording of this little ditty, followed by the lyric, from my album PONTIAC ROCKET.

          Ice Cream
I’ve taken a liking to ice cream
If not for this I would be thinner
But now that I’m grown no one can tell me
I can’t have ice cream for dinner

I’ve taken a liking to ball games
Long ones, that go extra innings
Where I yell at the ump, go numb on the rump
And it doesn’t much matter who’s winning

There was a time I’d call this undisciplined
Hey, that’s OK for back then
But tomorrow today is going to be yesterday
And I’d like to like where I’ve been

So I like to hang out in my PJ’s
This makes it easy to daydream
And I like the guy who also likes ballgames
And though he’s quite normal
He kinda likes me
And he’s taken a liking to ice cream


  1. Those two lines have always been a favorite of mine. YOu do that so well. And it has taught me to try be "in the moment" more as a mom, sister, friend, daughter, daughter in law, etc.

    Thank you for your wisdom!! Loves.... :)

  2. Mom never used to let us have more than one cookie. Toll House. Peanut Butter. Home made. One at a time. I used to eat around the chips and save them till last. Once in a blue moon, it might be two cookies, which I ate with orange juice as often as with milk. Now I can make them if I want and eat the whole thing. But somehow, when I make them myself, the magic just isn't there -

    (sometimes I worry I take up too much space in your comments. And I'm not family. I hope it's not an intrusion. Especially when I wax philosophical)

  3. Kristen and Ash-
    Thank you for commenting! I love reading what you write and what you think. And I love you both!

  4. YipEE!! Because I love being here.