Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Truth. Love. Fidelity. Charity.

These four words, painted in reverse glass fashion on the four sides of this antique Masonic altar, remind me of the most important things in my home. Not the furniture, though beautiful things certainly create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. I imagine the grain in the wood of this old altar has absorbed many a story; not only the century old ones it acquired in the fields and pastures of the eastern United States, where it was used for outdoor Women's Temperance Revivals. I know for a fact there are decades of family memories caught in this old walnut altar. Evening stories told by firelight, Christmas mornings, music and laughter and a healthy balance of tears.

I cherish this piece of furniture because it has been a constant in the life of our expanding family; sitting in the family room as all our children grew up, and now as our grandchildren scoot their riding toys past it. It reminds me, each time I look at it, that Truth and Love - Charity and Fidelity are the heirlooms I will leave the ones I love.


  1. Actually, I love this piece of furniture as a mainstay in the mind of the children FAR above the paintings and the little side-table "statues" (DB sells graven images?) that a lot of people like. To have those words written SO large in the mind's eye - marvelous. And the sense of connection to the past is another great thing to offer.

    Anyway - thanks as always.

  2. not to mention a 4 am adventure to antiques roadshow and 15 minutes of fame on television! lots of memories. including the original purchase. thanks for writing again!