Friday, April 1, 2011


Sew…Ape rill is hear. Maze jest a round duh coroner. Eye mist trussed peep hole awn ape rill first. Day tees us, dew wing whiled Trix, braking trussed, jest fur a muse meant.
Eye wood knot dew anything sew rued! Eye jest right tails from won plane whirred – hear inn this vary silly blog. Win eye started know won tolled me howl hard it wood bee. Two bee on nest, eye wood pre-fur two halve given up chalk lit fur LENT.
O will.
Eye well paws fur a wile end tink sum moor….
Never mind - Eye halve uh soar brain. This peace is threw!

(Eye bet yew whirr thinking eye wood rite a bout duh old sing her so wing machine, huh? Knot sew!)
~Eh prill fulls!~


  1. Itch moaning eye loaf two red disc blog! Eye loaf ewe two!

  2. That would have taken me forever to are too clever....once pawn term dare worst ladle gull who lift wither mudder honor itch offer lodge dock florist... are good too. wow...i laughed so hard trying to read this...had to do it out loud...then it worked.

    YOU ARE GOOD!! ( no april fools!!)

  3. All I can say is amazing. Not clever, just a compliment. You are too creative for me. Amazing! I love reading this. It's my reading material for now. Better than any novel. WOW. Love it. You're the best, Cori!

  4. I am NOT going to try to do this. A-mazing is right. And chocolate would have been easier, yes, but not as rich as your prose - eh? eh? pretty good for straight talk, eh?