Wednesday, February 29, 2012

7. EX-tra, EX-tra

I guess today is and extra day.  It was explained to me once why this extra day exists, or why every three years the day is ex-ed, but I haven’t examined it closely and anyway, those kind of explanations exhaust my brain.  I’m not making excuses, (I think I thrive in a perplexed state).
Last night, at an extremely exciting neighborhood dinner we were exhorted to use this extra day to expand ourselves and do something good…something exciting, that we normally wouldn’t do. Something exceptional.
It’s been excruciating trying to come up with this, but I have decided to do something extra extraordinary… something that would exceed my expectations, and the expectations of those around me.   I will make an exception to the rule and have decided to…
EXERCISE (exclamation point)
To flex,  exert, expand, exhale.  That kind of stuff.
(Thinking about it makes me extremely tired.)
Exxxx- tremely!
I’m thinking this may be excessively extraordinary.
I think this exceeds extraordinary.
Maybe I should do something less extreme, but still unusual.

Maybe, instead, I’ll see if Dave wants to go to the...

How did you spend your extra day?


  1. Cori, your posts are always EXcellent.

  2. We had mEXican food for dinner last night.
    You will discover how much dEXterity you have when you begin EXercising.
    You are married to the EX-mayor of Farmington ("former" mayor but oh-well!).
    I am EXtremely grateful that you're my friend!
    And I hope you have an EXciting birthday next Monday!

  3. Makes me excited and exhausted living vicariously through your exquisitly extinguigshed writings. Please keep it up forever. My heart beats for you.