Monday, March 11, 2013


Oh brothr! Th “” is brokn on my computr kyboard! Poppd right off, as you can s! It’s proving to b a ral problm. I am not skilld at typing.  I hav to look at th kys whn I typ.  Nvr did tak any of thos scrtarial classs in school. W didn’t hav computrs whn I was a kid, so you only took typing if you wr going to b a scrtary.  And I was going to b a psychologist of cours.

I guss I’v typd nough to know mor than I thought I knw, cuz I kp going aftr that “” ky without thinking.  I hit it, but it dosn’t work.  I’m trying to think of how to tll you which ky isn’t working without using it. I can’t vn phontically spll it with othr sounds. 

Hold on, I’ll s if thrs a Googl imag….

 Shsh, how do you find th lttr without typing it?  I had to writ “5th lttr in alphabt” and lt Googl corrct it!

It’s th 5th lttr in this pictur. It's purpl.

Maks m think that littl things do mattr. On lttr maks a diffrnc. Lik th "s" on Mrs. And lik th "s" that popl kp putting on th nd of th scond word in "Daylight Saving Tim".  Just about vryon says "Daylight SAVINGS Tim".  Popl, listn up -  thr is no "s" at th nd of "saving".  
Thr IS, on th othr hand, an "s" at th nd of my last nam: Connors.  And whil w ar talking about it, thr is no "5th lttr of th alphabt" in Connors.  Only "O"s in my name.  I tll popl that and thy print up postrs with that 5th lttr of th alphabt in my nam.
Oh wll. I can't fix popls' brains. But I guss I am going to tak my poor little lam computr to th shop.
ps- sinc popl kp adding an "s" to daylight saving tim, I suggst w do away with it altogthr!

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