Wednesday, April 9, 2014


This delicious looking bowl of apples has adorned our kitchen table for a long time.  I love these apples, and this bowl, for many reasons.  First, it fits the flavor of our home.  It says, without saying anything, "come in and sit at our table and eat your fill." Symbolically of course, because the apples are not real.  They are a really good imitation of the real thing, and lots of people have been fooled, including our grand kids.  These little teeth marks are evidence.

I adore the few apples with those teeth marks, because they remind me that little ones gather at our house often.  The bowl is a very light wood, as light as balsa wood.  I bought it years ago at the 5 Hour Store (Market Square in SLC).  The apples were purchased at Universal Floral Supply probably two decades ago, on a shopping day with my mom. That store is closed now.  To top off all the sentimental reasons I love this bowl of apples, they are red… and Red Is Best!

I am reminded of the day we were sitting in Gram's family room, when Timo was barely walking.  Gram had something stuck beneath her false teeth, so she slipped them out of her mouth, puckering her lips and holding them there for a minute.  Timo looked up at her and started screaming, running to his mama and bawling.  We tried to reassure him that this was a perfectly normal thing, to have teeth that could come out sometimes.  But he didn't buy it, and I think somewhere deep inside him he still has post traumatic stress issues regarding old peoples' teeth.

One time, when my brother John brought his wife Jenny to Farmington for a visit, early in their relationship, they stayed with Gram in her condo.  Jenny came up the stairs and onto the upstairs landing just as Gram was making her way from the shower to her bedroom. Gram was fleshly cleaned, powder fresh, and buck naked.  Jenny, rather startled, quickly turned to move into the guest bedroom.  Gram smiled, apologized, and shrugged her shoulders.  She was never one to find shame in the human body.  She grabbed a robe and came out to the landing, meeting Jenny.  In classic Gram fashion she remarked:

"You know you've arrived when you've seen me without my teeth!"

I miss Gram.


  1. Lol. Oh how I miss her too!
    Thanks for capturing and preserving these memories.

  2. Indeed, I miss her too…and I need some three little girls time…i think I better schedule my trip to Utah for sure!! Love you. Love her!!