Tuesday, April 15, 2014

42. TWIN

I always wanted a twin.  At least since the Johnson's moved into our ward in elementary school. Steve and Scott were identical twins and they had all sorts of fun with it. I'm sure they have stories to tell even still, all these years later.  Trading ties, trading homework, giving two and a half minute talks in church for each other.  Fooling even their own mother, at times.  Their sister Andi and I used to try to pretend to be sisters.  We thought if we wore the same outfit that people would think we were twins.  It didn't matter that I was a blond blue eyed  Dane with plenty of squish and Andi was a long and lean, brown eyed, dark haired half Hawaiian girl. 
Libby and I pretended to be twins, too.  Pioneer twins, with matching horses.  Hers was the left banister on the basement stairs, and mine was the right.  If we both parted our hair in the middle and wore braids then there was no question we were identical twins. If Ann Marie was playing with us we were triplets.
If Libby and I weren't twins by birth, at least we were twins by bed.  Our twin beds were symmetrically situated in our bedroom.  Mom liked symmetry.  The aisle between the two beds had a small rug on the hardwood floor.  The rug was the magic carpet between two ships sailing into the misty harbor of some never-land on a Saturday afternoon. Lib and I played ship for hours on end.  An upside down waste basket was our stove top.  Towels were our hammocks.  Our pillows became sails, then cradles for our babies.  If your feet touched the ground on a sailing adventure then you were dead.  This was rarely a problem.  We would jump from twin bed to twin bed, the safety of the rug being a small cushion under us.  If we could find a two by four in the garage then there would be a plank between the two ships, which always added great dimension to our adventures.  
We often pretended to be royalty aboard ship.  I was always the prince.  I danced the boy part as well when we learned to waltz in a church activity.  To add realism to the royalty aspect we stretched wire hangers over our heads, the hook poking out from the crown of the head, the loop fitting tight under the chin.  If we both wanted to be princesses, then we would add Mom's silk scarves, which flowed gently down our backs.  
Lib and I grew up and we lived very far apart for a lot of years.  But now we are super lucky cuz we  have houses right by each other.  The Madson's house is like a nightstand between our twin beds.  We get to play all the time. Not long ago I went up to visit Libby with a crown on my head.  Anyone else would have thought me crazy.  But not my sister, my twin…she went straight to the closet, grabbed a wire hanger, and stretched it over her own head.
Yay for twins!


  1. Lol. Hahaha. You've always been able to make me laugh. I know everyone is envious of me 'cause I got to grow up with Cori Hansen aka Cori Connors.

  2. Btw. Thanks for making my life wonderful!

  3. Two of my most favorite people in the world.