Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I always wanted a hope chest, but there never was money or space for one in my youth, and certainly I was not blessed with domestic talents that would fill a trousseau. Besides, there was no dowry. But the traditionalist in me dreamed of what it would be like when I left home and established a place of my own.   In my hope chest would be handmade quilts, and embroidered pillowcases.  A set of copper bottomed pots and pans, and some nice bone china.  Some books, and empty journals, and a fine tipped fountain pen.  Maybe a little money tucked into a sock, and a few little non-functional treasures from my childhood, for sentimental reasons. But alas, I never did have one.

So now, even though I am a legitimate senior citizen according to Ross discount stores (they will give me 5% off on Senior Tuesdays) I have decided to create a Hope Chest for myself.

Sort of. 

I am going to leave home, at some point, and when I do I want to be prepared.

For this particular season of Lent, wherein I discipline myself to write purposefully every day until Easter, I will be adding  “items” to my figurative HOPE CHEST.  Thoughts, feelings, concepts, philosophies, nuggets of inspiration and life lessons – these I will place in my life trousseau, hoping that one day my children and their children will know who I am and what matters to me. Little life lessons, so to speak. Tidbits of truth, according to my own conscience.

My biggest fear in doing this, besides the general anxiety of trying to wax poetic every day, is that the people I care about might think the topics I address are well thought-out and the distilled sum of all that matters to me.  Therefore, herewith is my disclaimer:

The posts which follow will address topics that matter to me; but they are not all that matter to me. Just a little peek into my brain…and my heart…and my hopes.


  1. Let the journey begin. Thanks Cor for sharing your thoughts, writings and self with us. Can't wait.

  2. Have been looking forward to and anticipating this daily (nightly) journey since last Easter.

  3. Have been looking forward to and anticipating this daily (nightly) journey since last Easter.

  4. Your post at 12:04AM, followed by 12:34, 12:46, 2 at 12:50, and this at 1:26. Hope - fully you can explain this phenomena. If not, it's ok. I'll still look forward to reading every night or morning.

    1. Well, I'm not sure. Perhaps these were edits that updated at those times. This time of year I'm up pretty late writing :-)

  5. Aw gee, thanks for being so encouraging <3!

  6. Indeed this is the "best time of the year". (next to Christmas, I look forward to this event more than anything else). I will be reading daily and watching and waiting for each word that flows from your finger tips! Your gift and the sharing of it is a blessing to me. I wish it were longer, and yet, I know when the 40 days is over you have given your all. What a gift for all of us. Truly lent is a wonderful thing because of you.

  7. Yay! I love your lent writings!