Saturday, March 18, 2017


Shrove Tuesday – I’m all gung ho to start my yearly writing exercise, committing to write and publish every day of Lent. I begin to ponder the things I will say, and crank up the old brain engine for the excitement of getting a fresh new word as a trigger point every day.

Ash Wednesday – I bookmark thee online Random Word Generator sites, setting up certain parameters around when I will write, how many words I’ll let myself see before I have to take one and run with it. I grab a chunk of daylight and plunk myself in my comfy recliner, laptop all charged and ready. I choose a random noun and off I go, letting my head go wherever the word takes me at the moment.

Thursday- I teach guitar till 8:30 at night, then on the way home my 13 year-old granddaughter Sophie and I head over to get a smoothie at Station Park after the last class.  Soph is one of my best students in my advanced class, and I feel awfully lucky to share this time with her. I get home around 9:15, find some sort of dinner fare that is more nourishing than a Caribbean smoothie, reconnect with Dave for a minute, then while he watches the news I finally sit and thrust myself back into the reclining position, whimpering a bit because instead of getting to veg out and watch the news I need to write. But it’s ok, because I know the benefit outweighs the sacrifice. I’m done writing in an hour or so, then spend another half hour looking for pictures to illustrate the writing. I publish by 1 am and I’m off to bed.

Saturday – It’s 1 am. I’ve just finished preparing singing time for Primary. I click on the RWG (Random Word Generator) and pray for some sort of easy word to come up, one that will lead to a nice little short story I can tell in a half hour’s time. Tomorrow is my birthday…well, actually today, at this point. I get the word CRY and end up writing about four times in my life where H have heard someone I love cry. I end up drained, almost broken, yet wide awake when I finish writing at 3 am. I read and reread and correct before I push the publish button on my blog at 4. I tell the Lord, “Thanks for the body” as I crawl in bed just about an hour before the sun rises. I struggle mightily to stay awake in church five hours later.

Friday next – It’s late. The kitchen’s a mess from making dinner for a sick friend and tomorrow morning we rehearse for a Saints on the Seas Fireside. I revamp the script, and run through the song key’s and lyrics, printing out seven copies of the script and songs for the cast. “Dang it!” I complain as I slip my nightgown over my head, ready to brush my teeth, “I haven’t done my word yet!” I make it to bed by 2:30 am.

Every year I tell myself that I will get myself into a writing groove where I get up and do my writing first thing in the morning. And it works for about a day and a half. And every year, by the time Easter has arrived, I have too many words based on “words” and I am hashed! Like, I don’t write EVER again in my blog unless someone DIES! I start out really well, and writing is not a part of the end of my day routine… until about day three of 40 days of Lent! Then the hour I go to bed is nudged back. Daily. Nudged so far back that I eventually end up going down when the sun rises and I am a circadian wreck!
Tonight though…tonight I have taken my nightly Benedryl before I started writing. I am currently falling asleep between sentences. That little anti-histamine that keeps me from scratching my entire flesh off my bones. I am being nudged to sleep. And I must go.



  1. Ever grateful we will be for nudges in your life. Thank you..sweet dreams!!

  2. this made me giggle. I've been blessed to watch you go through this cycle. I am always impressed at how you push yourself to do what you've committed to. And your words are such a gift to us all. I love you!