Tuesday, March 7, 2017


This little word game works best if you read it out loud.
If you're stumped, or want to check your skills,
the translation is in the comments below.

Deed yew sea duh crewel hand-off thyme leaf hits mar con meet is weak? Eye ham hold! Fifth tea nigh yen! Gall lee! An die um she ring king, two! Eye yum awl must uh hole lynch shore turd den eye you stew bee. Hyundai sore tough wan two taken app peach date who. Am eye fay sis rank old an does kins pay purry. Eyes up pose disses awl butter dandy altar native, dough! Eye cold bead head, ewe no!
Eye use stool of bird haze. Eye wan tad two ghetto elder. Knot hen knee moor! Know weigh! Two mane knee can dulls under bird ache ache.
Whale, eye guest hit wood bee awl rite fie jest sell a bray tad gate ting two lift is lung. Dots duh weight who locket hit, know? 

End deed!


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  2. Wail, Wail, Wail. Evanescent Ladle Rat Rotten Hut! Car eye, discus egg crate ox amble oven udder whey toe tail year lie fist starry.

  3. I think this is why I'm uncannily good at the game Mad Gab. I bet you and Libby would be unbeatable at that game! I love that I grew up with you doing these to entertain me. Remember that one book with all the letter stories? AB, CDEDBD fishes? LMNO fishes. OSAR! O, I CD fishes!

  4. Did you see the cruel hands of time leave its mark on me this week? I am old! Fifty-nine! And I am shrinking, too. I am almost a full inch shorter than I used to be. And I sort of want to take a nap each day, too. And my face is wrinkled and the skin is papery. I suppose this is all better than the alternative though. I could be dead, you know!
    I used to love birthdays. I wanted to get older. Not any more. No way! Too many candles on the birthday cake!
    Well I guess it would be alright if I just celebrated getting to live this long. That's the way to look at it, no?