Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ho Ho Ho

We ended up deciding to not do our Nativity this Christmas Eve for various reasons, opting instead to do Christmas day with all the kids and grandkids.  We met Sarah in Salt Lake to give her the pajama presents for the kids to open that night. They had driven all night to and from a wedding in Cedar City and we didn't want to add more driving to their lives. Then we stopped at John and Ashleys to leave the pj presents for their kids. Sophie and Park and Ruby were all in the tub, but ran out one by one to rip open the packages and clothe their freshly cleaned soft skinned bodies in new PJ's for the big night.  I also remembered to take them this vintage Santa Claus outfit I had found in a groovy little shop in Layton,

 along with a vinyl LP of How The Grinch Stole Christmas. 

 I had meant to give them to Johnny for his birthday in November.

Johnny put on the suit  and posed in front of the tree.  I think it confused Parker a little.
Johnny needs to fill out this suit, don't you think?

It reminded me of a Christmas Eve years ago when we lived at the old house.  The Volcanseks lived next door, and the twins, Jenny and Jonny, were at that age where they were not "believing" any more...maybe.  So Fred and I concocted a plan where I would dress up in my Santa costume (indeed, I have one of my own) and walk around the outside of their house with my old set of horse sleigh bells, just in case they needed a nudge to hold on to the possibility of Santa's existence. 
So late that night I dressed up.  Such a suit fits rather nicely on me.  I tiptoed out across the snowy common area dividing our houses and started ringing my bells, making sure I was visible from the bedroom window.  All the while I am sending messages into the universe, since this didn't seem to fit in the category of sending up prayers..."Let them see me...and let them believe....Let them see me...and let them believe."
Next thing I know Jenny's face is smashed up against the bedroom window.  I turn aside, lifting one leg after the other in the style of creeping discreetly,  attempting to look like I was on my way to the next house, jingling my sleigh bells and making my bowl-full-of-jelly belly jiggle.
And then she calls out...
"What's Cori Connors doing in a Santa suit?"
Shoulda used prayer.


  1. well i think you make the best santa ever!!!

  2. Cute story about the Volcansek kids.

  3. I didn't see the end coming on this one, Cori. It's like the three toed sloth that was mugged by three turtles. Police asked the sloth "Did you get a good look at the muggers"? and the sloth said " all happened so fast."

    Happy New Year to one and all !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I LOVE that story! Your heart was in the right place, and 20 years later, it's still a good story!! Merry Christmas my friend, and a wonderful 2011 to you and your family.

  5. I love you!! I am laughing and crying, and have no memory of that. How could I forget something like that? Thank you for wanting me to believe, and for sneaking around in your santa suit.

  6. Hahahah, that is amazing, I just love you for that!
    Oh wait...I already did...
    I guess I love you more?

  7. We laughed and laughed and laughed. Joseph votes you the best storyteller of all!! Happy New Year Sister!!

  8. You know, I used to do that, too. Minus the suit. I'd take our sleigh bells outside, very late, and walk around the house. One year, I went all the way down the street. I knew a kid whose dad actually climbed up on the roof and stamped around at about midnight. None of the kids were ever fooled. But my dad was. When his older sister had him soaped up in the tub so he couldn't stand up in it, she stood up slowly, her eyes wide, staring out the window and said, "There he IS. Can you see him???" Of course, he couldn't do anything but slither around. I wonder if I put that story in the book I did about him?

    My parents always left slippers on our bed. They were from Santa, and I believed they were - and couldn't sleep for worrying about knowing too soon that it was Christmas morning. I didn't want to feel their weight on the bed, those slippers. Not till it was time.

    We always do pajamas, too. I wonder if we will end up doing them as you do?

    Sorry I was late. Murphy went off to Pixar today. I've spent every moment of the last few weeks drinking him in -